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Scharf Group, LLC is an independent financial services company providing customized financial solutions and wealth management to an exclusive group of clients since 1995. We work with people who are looking to improve their net worth.  We endeavor to know and understand our clients' financial situation and provide them with only the highest quality information, services, and products to help reach their goals.  We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and professionalism in our relationship with our clients. To help achieve valuable results for our clients, we are innovative and creative in our planning and investment process, challenging the conventional methodologies used by many advisors and planners.  Our clients benefit from our team approach, which allows our individual team members to focus on the areas where they have the most skill and passion, while working together to provide a consistent level of service and support. As a team we are invested in the financial future of each of our clients and are committed to helping our clients lead the lives that they envision.

We Believe that . . .

TRUST is the cornerstone of a successful relationship.

  • We do what we say we are going to do, and strive to go beyond what is expected.
  • Educating our clients is not an option, it is an obligation. 

WEALTH is the ability to fully enjoy life, and that true wealth is about our life's experiences, contribution and values.

  • To get what you want from life; you first have to know what you want from life.
  • Your life and your finances are inter-related; therefore, the only way to achieve meaningful solutions is to look at the big picture. 

GROWTH should come with a safety net to preserve your hard-earned money.

  • Managing risk is as important as managing returns.
  • Procrastination is the greatest enemy of financial independence.

If you want peace of mind to live life in accordance with your values, not your fears...Contact Glenn Scharf today at 610-552-6101.


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