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Ethan Quirin

Ethan Quirin

Wealth Strategist

Ethan offers his clients informed advice, using his extensive educational background in collaboration with the Scharf Group team, to help create a direction for their financial futures.  Ethan is an advocate for the safety of one's financial stability for both businesses and families. 

Nickname: "E"

Start date at Scharf Group: November, 2012

Marital status: Married (Stacy)

Children: One girl and one boy

Pets: Three dogs -  Shana (Cardigan Corgi), Porter (Boxer), Barley (Boxer/Great Dane Mix)

Where did you work before joining Scharf Group? FRS Capital Management

What do you like best about working at Scharf Group? The team concept and atmosphere.  I feel as though everyone at Scharf Group is truly interested in everyone elses personal and business success. 

Zodiac sign? Virgo

Favorite color(s)? Royal Blue

Where did you go to high school? Radnor High School (1996)

Where did you go to college/university? University of Pittsburgh (2000)

Additional Degrees? Villanova University School of Law (2003), University of Notre Dame (2005)

Organizations? BNI Member Wayne I Chapter (founder and past president)

Where in this country would you like to visit that you have not been? I have visited San Francisco before, but I want to go back to see a game at AT&T Park because the stadium and where it is situated looks beautiful.  I would love to see a Phillies vs. Giants game on a sunny afternoon.

Where outside of this country would you like to travel? My wife and I want to walk/hike the trail to Milford Sound in New Zealand.  I also want to visit Paris, France, Shanghai China and Sydney Austrlia to view the amazing architecture.

What was the last book that you read? Vision by Gordon D'Angelo

Favorite movie(s)? Stand By Me and Dead Poets Society.  They are fantastic stories about friendship and the human struggles we go through during life.

Favorite TV show(s)? Modern Famiy and Survivor.  Modern Family provides wonderful comedy that my wife and I enjoy together.  I relly enjoy the strategic nature of Survivor and the interesting small group dynamics that develop.

Favorite food(s)? Swedish Meatballs and Thanksgiving Dinner

Favorite restaurant? Christoper's (Wayne, PA) - Good contemporary American food in a fun, relaxed setting.

Favorite sport(s) to play? Football and Baseball/Softball

Favorite person(s) (deceased) you would like to meet and why? Alexander Hamilton.  I think he is one of, if not the most fascinating individuals from the American Revolution through the founding of the Nation.  He was incredibly intelligent, unbelievably hard working  and tireless, strategically gifted, had keen forsight and was very pragmatic.  I would also like to meet Abraham Lincoln, for the man had a profound wisdom, possibly greater than any US President in history. 

Other tidbits: My wife and I first met on New Year's Eve 2010.  We became engaged on New Year's Eve 2011 and married in June 2012.  I love animals.  I have owned numerous pets during my life, from fish to birds to rabbits, to cats and dogs.  I ran my first Spartan Race in July 2013.