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Do you work hard but wonder where your money goes each month? 

You work hard, but is your money working hard for you?  No matter what age and stage, or the amount of assets that you have, we believe that you deserve sound financial advice and direction.  Today’s economic and investment climate offers unprecedented opportunities. To take advantage of them, you’ll want the flexibility and expertise of a team approach. The Scharf Group team is ready to serve you. 

We’re here to help you develop realistic goals and timeframes, create, and apply investment strategies for executing a sound financial approach that best fit your risk tolerance, while at the same time guiding you toward your financial goals. 

Our investment management services are designed to match each client’s risk/return requirements. Every client is unique and so are there investment portfolios. Our team designs portfolios that utilize many asset classes, investing styles, and portfolio managers to best help our clients maximize returns while minimizing risk. 

<strong>What is </strong><strong>The Difference Between a Financial Coach and a Financial Advisor?&#160;</strong>

Every day our financial advisors meet to evaluate current positions, the economy, trends and other critical factors that may affect our client’s performance.  We then adjust portfolios, as needed.  We monitor and manage each account to help achieve our client’s investment objectives.  And, because life is ever-changing, we meet with our clients regularly to reevaluate and restructure their portfolios, as needed.

The benefits of our fee-only investment management:

  • No pressure to buy and sell investments
  • Personal, ongoing relationship with your advisors
  • Full transparency with no hidden fees
  • You and your financial advisors have the same goal: the achievement of your financial objectives