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Why Choose Us

When it comes to choosing a financial advisor - you have many options. Selecting the right advisor, someone who relentlessly advocates for your best interests, makes all the difference.  At Scharf Group we believe that everyone is entitled to sound financial advice independent of their net worth. Everything that we do is to benefit the lives of our clients and our community.

We are a diverse, professional team that is passionate about inspiring you to reach abundance in all aspects of your life. No matter where you are in your financial journey, we can provide the education, empowerment, and guidance you need to pursue your financial goals for a successful, rewarding future.  Our team approach can also benefit you in how we work with your other advisors (including accountants and attorneys) to collaborate so that your needs are fully addressed. 

While many advisors receive the majority, if not all, of their compensation from the investment products they recommend, these commissions and compensation fees are not always made transparent to the client. Many firms offer a “cookie-cutter” approach to investment management and financial advice. No two people are the same, so why would you want someone else's financial strategy? After all, with different careers, life path, and goals, you need advice tailored to your situation.  We seek to simplify the complex, while also striving to provide the highest level of service in the financial industry.  

There are plenty of ways we stand out from other firms, but these are the seven that we are most proud of:

1. We are Independent

2. All of our financial advisors are fiduciaries and have a Certified Financial Fiduciary® certification

3. We are coaches and educators

4. We are proactive

5. We work as a team

6. We are comprehensive

7. We take a holistic approach