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About Plan Confidence


Plan Confidence® is a consulting service designed to help 401(k), 403(b) and 457 Plan participants:

  • Establish a diversified asset allocation based on your risk tolerance and investment time horizon. 
  • Assess current market & economic conditions to determine:

                 - what funds to invest in   

                 - how much to contribute to each fund  

                 - and when to reallocate funds

Our team of experts will provide professional investment education based on the fund selections available within your company's retirement plan. You keep all of your money in your current plan.  Monthly allocation recommendations will be provided to you by logging into a dedicated website after receiving a monthly reminder e-mail. 

Plan Confidence® is a consulting service offered by Scharf Group, LLC and provided by licensed representatives of NEXT Financial Group, Inc.  Member FINRA/SIPC.  An investment advisory fee will be charged on a semi-annual basis. If for any reason you wish to terminate the consulting service agreement there are NO termination fees, NO surrender fees, and NO exiting fees, whatsoever. You are not locked in to any long-term contracts or obligations. Remember, with Plan Confidence® your funds stay in your plan; you never roll over any of your funds to an outside account for our firm to manage separately.  

BONUS Plan Confidence® App

As an added bonus you can have your monthly allocation recommendations sent directly to your Apple or Android device by using our Plan Confidence® app.  Each time we update your custom allocation recommendations, you will get a push notification on your device to let you know that you should log into your Plan Confidence® website and make the recommended allocation changes. 


Want to look inside? You can Login with the credentials below to see an sample site. Once inside, feel free to look around.   

User Name: scharf

Password: scharf


To subscribe to Plan Confidence® or for more information contact Glenn P. Scharf at 610-552-6101 or