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Do you work hard but wonder where your money goes each month? 

Our Financial Planners help our clients define their goals and develop calculated plans to achieve them. Everything in a client’s financial life is reviewed to determine what recommendations are best for their life circumstances. Our financial planners develop valuable relationships with our clients to provide them with confidence today and a more secure tomorrow.

The comprehensive plan begins with a review of assets and liabilities. This includes bank accounts, investments, real estate, business interest, valuables, and loans/debts. Our planners compare assets/liabilities to the financial needs of the client. Tax strategies, a retirement analysis, investment review, insurance coverage analysis, and an estate review are included in the plan. Tactics for education savings, business ownership, and charitable giving may also be included if relevant. These areas are all important variables for effective long-term financial planning. Once the comprehensive analysis is completed, our clients are well prepared with a step-by-step plan to achieve their goals. After a plan is presented, we answer any questions, and help implement recommendations, if desired.

<strong>What is </strong><strong>The Difference Between a Financial Coach and a Financial Advisor?&#160;</strong>

Our financial planning clients are typically high net worth, high income earners who are looking for a comprehensive road map from qualified, experienced professionals.  We believe however, in offering the same benefits to all our clients, not just our high-net-worth clients.  Results show the middle class is the most vulnerable to economic and legislative changes, Because of this, the risk of running out of money because of poor planning is much higher, especially when it comes to retirement.

High net worth investors have had the benefit of coordinated financial planning for years; however, it is the middle class and middle-class millionaires who need comprehensive, holistic planning as well. Unfortunately, however, they have not historically benefited from this same opportunity and level of service at a cost that makes sense.

When you work with a Scharf Group Certified Financial Fiduciary® and planner, we’ll help you create a thorough plan to ensure your assets and your other financial professionals work collectively towards your goals, while also reducing risk.